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Spyware Refuge

Spyware-Refuge Wants to Give You Only the Best Malicious Software Resources

It can be hard to sort through the millions of malware resources on this tangled world wide web!

Nevertheless, one of the best things about the web is the spirit of community and the opportunity to share vast amounts of information with people who have common interests.

As you may have discovered on your way here, many of the malware resources out there leave much to be desired. But there are also many that offer truly valuable content. I'm sorting through them, so you won't have to. I also update this page periodically so you can keep up to date on our favorite malware resources.

I want it to be easy for you to find what you are looking for, so I'm sorting my favorites according to various topics of interest. Wherever possible, I have also set up all the links that are not part of this site to open in a new window, so clicking on them will not interfere with your browsing of Spyware-Refuge.

Some links will automatically leave this site, so just use the "Back" button or your Browser's History to return. Or, if you'd like to avoid that altogether, one thing you can try is to right-click on links. Then click "Open in New Window". This enables you to return to this page merely by closing that window.

But the easiest way to get back is to add Spyware-Refuge to your favorites so you can come back anytime easily! So get cozy and take your time exploring my collection of quality malware resources!