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Spyware Refuge

About Spyware-Refuge.com

Spyware Refuge is headquartered in Rochester, New York - the hometown of many high tech companies, facilities and organizations. Organizations like the Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox, Paychex, High Tech Business Council, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester all make Rochester their home.

Hi! I'm Chad Henry and my goal at Spyware-refuge.com is to educate the masses on how to protect personal information while offering tips and guidance on computer optimization and security. I'm dedicated to teaching the public how malicious software, in any form, can not only damage your computer files but also steal your personal information; which can cause enormous headaches down the road.

In this modern age, computers control everything and store untold amounts of personal information on you. I want to help protect you through enlightenment and security software; as knowledge (this site) and power (software) can make enormous strides in the security of your personal information.

This website is operated by one, supported by many, and nationally and internationally recognized by leading computer security authorities.

Feel free to contact me anytime you wish.