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Spyware Refuge

Protect Your Identity and Personal Information in 3 EASY Steps!


Is your computer running OK? Even if you think so, there's a 98% chance it has spyware, malware, adware, trojans or worms RIGHT NOW!

Worse yet, these can be tools for identity theft, with a victim EVERY 4 SECONDS!

Don't keep hoping you can dodge this bullet. Read all the FREE information on this website to protect yourself and your valuable hardware and software.

Click the left-menu links to learn all about the silent, dangerous code that's likely lurking in YOUR computer.


Quick and easy solutions are available to secure your computer; in mind-boggling numbers. But not all software is created equal.

I've looked for cost-effective solutions that work, tested these products, and put together this site to help you decide. To give you an idea of the effectiveness of these products we asked a member of the team at payday advance lender AdvanceLoan.net to test them with their own security systems. The results were amazing, our secure software matched the software AdvanceLoan uses easily. To say they were impressed is an understatement.

Click the left-menu links to learn which software solutions I recommend and which ones I suggest you avoid.


Knowledge plus effective software creates a powerful shield, safeguarding your personal information identity while also protecting your computer from spyware, malware, adware, trojans and worms.

Please browse all the information on my site and contact me with your questions, comments and concerns. I enjoy helping people and offer FREE consultations because better computer security for one, makes a more secure online environment for all.